Cognitive Solutions We Offer

DSaaS (Data Science as a Service)

The explosive growth of data coupled with the prevalence of low-cost, high-performance computing has led to tremendous advances in data science. For businesses, data science can help them make better decisions.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

This is machine learning, the part of the world of AI where data scientists derive insights from data to solve complex problems. The right data enables all kinds of actionable insights across all business activities, resulting in quantifiable sales and revenue impact.

IoT Based solutions

With the exponential growth in demand for IoT products and smart devices, Pakistan has a great opportunity to take advantage of it, and Rholab is capitalizing on this opportunity. For intelligent temperature monitoring and smart switches

Data Science

Data Science As a Service(DSaas)

We put data science at the heart of our data services. Rholab provides data science applications that combine technological know-how from various areas of business and IT. Under our expert supervision, they are translated into effective and customized data solutions that help our clients innovate and succeed in their business planning and requirements.


To incorporate intelligence into their infrastructure, companies should pay special attention to how machine learning simplifies and accelerates deployment. A reliable and carefully designed end-to-end management platform can quickly perform data science tasks. Rholab platforms help clients integrate, enable teams to collaborate effectively, use open source tools in their work, and scale as needed.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
IOT Based Solutions

IoT Based Solutions

We deliver robust and secure IoT solutions that meet all major industry standards. Years of working closely with hardware vendors have helped us hone our engineering skills and deeply understand industry-specific challenges. Let our IoT experts step into your hardware development process and start delivering immediate value.